Monday, January 12, 2009


Since Saturday, Michael and I are wanderin’ about in Tokyo … What a thrilling city!

Tokyo (東京) is Japan's capital and the country's largest city. In fact, it is more than a city …Tokyo is also one of Japan's 47 prefectures, but is called a metropolis (to) rather than a prefecture (ken). The metropolis of Tokyo consists of 23 city wards (ku), 26 cities, 5 towns and 8 villages.
The 23 city wards (ku) are the center of Tokyo and make up about one third of the metropolis' area, while housing roughly eight of Tokyo's approximately twelve million residents.
The prefecture is the centre of the Greater Tokyo Area, the world’s most populous metropolitan area with 35 million people (more than three times the Belgian population!).

Behind me, a nice view on this tremendous city with in the back Mount Fuji (富士山), one of Japans three 'holy mountains'. If you look closely you can see Mt. Fuji is all white and covered in snow.


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