Monday, December 29, 2008

Meeting 畑中達彦

Yesterday it was Sunday, so I went with Ted and his family to the Calvary Chapel.
I met a lot of lovely people there ... 
One of them is Tatsuhiko Hatanaka (畑中達彦), 18 years old and a devoted Christian, with whom you see me on this picture togheter with Nobuti.

Peace brothers ... that's what the world needs today!


Blogger pst. said...

Hello Woody,

My best wishes for the New Year! Here in Belgium it is now 19hrs15. Living in the Tokyo-timezone, is it already 2009? What is the new year like?
Give my regards to your Japanese friends,


7:21 PM  
Blogger woodyrat said...

Dear pst.
Unfortunatly I am on my way here in Japan not knowing exactly where I am and what the time is ... hope to be on the blog soon. In the meanwhile a happy New Year for you too. I enjoy your blog very much, so keep on going!
Best wishes,

12:15 AM  
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