Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bye bye Adam & Joe ... hello Katie!

Today I said goodbye to Adam & Joe with whom I spend three months! We travelled a lot, first to the other side of this planet: Australia and then a few short trips to both Amsterdam and Bamberg. Thanks for everything guys ... it has been good to know you. Hope you keep reading my blog from time to time.

And now ... I'm off to Prague with Katie!
Here I am meeting Katie at DCAL (the Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre) where Adam, Robin and Katie all work. I've had fun learning some British Sign Language (BSL), but unfortunately my hands aren't really made for fingerspelling or signing - people find it really difficult to follow my basic BSL because I can't seem to make all the different handshapes that are needed. Oh well, it's been fun, and I've learned a lot of the Deaf community and sign language. Now, I'm looking forward to seeing Prague and hanging out with my new friend Katie!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bamberg, Germany

Hey, I was back in Germany last week where Adam and I went to Bamberg to the 30th Annual Convention of the German Society of Linguistics.
Adam went off to the conference and left me behind in the hotel room where I decided to catch up on some movies I hadn't seen and also to help myself to some of the goodies in the mini-bar! Bamberg is a beautiful place - the entire old city is a World Heritage area, but I didn't see much of it because Adam was too busy networking with colleagues at the German Linguistics Society conference.