Wednesday, September 27, 2006

At the Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico City

Can you believe this? Actually I am living at the Ciudad Universitaria (C.U). This is the principal campus of the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM) the biggest university in Latin America.
I have a great time here... and I am trying to learn some Spanish.

On this picture you see me at the Galería Autónoma, an art gallery created by university students. It is a self-governing project and wants to be a space were people can show and see art easily. There are no income fees and the 'artists' don't make pretensions to become famous. Lovely place.

Don't you think I am a piece of art myself on this pedestal?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Finalmente, noticias de Woody en México

Today, we finally received a letter from Woody in Mexico.
He is stayin' there with Sofia Acosta and he went to school with her for a while.
On the picture you see Woody in front of the Aula of the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature.

This is what they wrote:

Hola mis queridos padres y amigos,

lamento haber estado desaparecido por un tiempo, pero ciertamente he estado muy ocupado, pronto emprenderé mi viaje y continuare con mi vida de turista, honestamente lamento haberlos preocupado pero las chicas con las que estoy están muy ocupadas y pues me la paso en su escuela un rato pero pronto ellas encontraran a alguien de confianza con quien yo pueda continuar mi ruta viajera por lo pronto solo puedo mandarles unas fotos y mis humildes saludos y mejores deseos.


Spanish is not a common langue, here in Vlezenbeek, but we tried to translate their letter:

Hello my dear parents and friends,

I am sorry to have disappeared for a while, but I have been very busy. Soon I will continue my trip and my life of travellin’. I am really sorry to have worried you, but the girls with which I am, are very occupied and I have been in their school for a while. But soon they well find someone they can trust so I can continue my travellin’. So far, I can send you some photos and my greetings and best wishes.


Gracias mucho Sofia! Tome el cuidado de Woody y no espere demasiado largo para enviarnos más noticias.

In the next few days we will publish new pictures of Woody in Mexico. So, keep in touch!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

O Woody, where art thou?

Dear Woody,

it's weeks ago since we heard from you. Last news we received was when you was in Mexico...
What has happend since? Are you travellin' ? Are you stayin' with a family? Aren't you hungry? Haven't you cold?

Please mail us ( and send us some news very soon.
If someone who reads this has seen our Woody recently, please contact us. Thank you.

We are very very worried about you !!!

Your parents and friends

Jerome, the gnome, is asking for you daily.
He is fine thou.