Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sydney Opera House revisited

behind me ... the most famous Sydney Opera House Contrary to the implication of the name, it houses a multi-venue performing arts centre, rather than a single Opera theatre. As well as hosting many touring productions in a variety of performance genres, the Sydney Opera House is a major presenting venue for Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, The Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney Symphony.
This marvelous building was made a UNESCO World Heritalge Site on 28 June 2007.
It certainly is one of the world's most distinctive 20th century buildings.

The architect of the Opera House, the Danish architect Jørn Zorn died two weeks ago on November, the 29th.
Tragically, he never saw his masterpiece himself. He left Australia after a conflict with the new minister of pulic works in 1966 and never came back to Sydney.