Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change can happen ...

Today finally, I met Froggie ... on my way from Ypres to Furnes, somewhere near Westvleteren. 
And yes ... we celebrated the election of the 44th president of the United States. 
And yes ... we took a few Westvleteren beers, the world's best beer!

And after some more beers we started to sing our national anthem Froggie went a-courtin'

"Without my uncle Rat's consent, Uh-huh
"Without my uncle Rat's consent, Uh-huh
"Without my uncle Rat's consent, Uh-huh
I wouldn't marry the president, Uh-huh

Uncle Rat laughed and he shook his fat sides, Uh-huh
Uncle Rat laughed and he shook his fat sides, Uh-huh
Uncle Rat laughed and he shook his fat sides,
To think his niece would be Obama's bride Uh-huh

What a wonderfull day ... thank you Barack Obama
We believe in your ability to bring about real change in Washington and in the world. 
But also remember  the wise words of the poet: " ... even the president of the United States must have to stand naked." 
No Froggie ... don't fantasize !!!


Blogger Frog said...

Hahaha! YES WE CAN :)

11:30 PM  
Blogger woodyrat said...

we had a wonderful day in Westvleteren didn't we? Or don't you remember after all those beers? It was great to meet you again. So long, Froggie

1:17 AM  
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