Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm king for a day

The Miesch family is really doin’ everything to make me feel at home. They even build me a castle (of course they know I like castles!). Here you see me playing with Nick (blue shirt) and Jeremy (yellow shirt) in a castle of my own size. Cool guys!

By the way, out the window you see those quaking aspen trees, one of the things Colorado is famous for.

Ah, after a few days, I really feel at home here. Even on this Friday, the 13th, this makes me sing this good, old song:

Build me a castle and throw a parade,
Put my name in stone so the words won't fade,
Start a Religion and name it for me,
Build me a city and give me the key,

I'm King for a Day,
I can do no wrong,
I'm King for a Day,
'Til the next one comes along,
King for a Day!


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