Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back in Germany !

Seven days in London, interrupted by a short trip to Hong Kong and now I am back in Germany. It’s a rat race!

As you all know, since Berlin I am staying with very smart guys, Astrophysicians! Now they took me to Potsdam where I enjoyed being involved in the 5th thinkshop http://www.aip.de/thinkshop5/
I had a reunion with Axel in
Potsdam (Axel – left on the picture - was a co-organizer) and I´m now with Mark Miesch, an American scientist (Mark is the one with his left eye closed).
We (hm!) discussed the magnetohydrodynamics of the solar and stellar interiors, from both a theoretical and an observational point of view. To be honest, I saw it more from a rat’s perspective.
Mark has promised to take me - via Berlin and Cambridge - to Boulder, Colarado in the US.

I fact I have never been in the US, although I had glimpse on it when I stood at the Niagara Falls (at the Canadian side), about one year ago. It’s a small, small world.