Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ruina de Yucuita

Yucuita is a community in the Nochixtlan Valley. It was populated for a while in the Early Village stage (1500-1200 BC), abandoned and resettled from 500 BC to 100 AD. At its height it had between 2000-3000 inhabitants. Around 300 AD it was resettled again, but never got to be more than a second-level center of power. The ruins surround the hill east of town. The town used to be known by its Nahuatl name, San Juan Suchixtepec. The Mixtec name, Yucuita, means Flower Hill. The ruins have a drainage tunnel which you can go through to get to the top. My travel guide warns that there might be scorpions or snakes in the tunnel… but of course I went in, together with Misael. Don’t worry mom, all we saw inside was a bat that we startled from sleep.