Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back in Belgium ...

Yesterday it is exactly one year ago since I arrived in London. Since then London has been my home base. I made trips to California (with Robin), to Bamberg, Amsterdam and Australia (with Adam & Joe), to Prague (with Katie) and to Kenya and Tanzania (with Uncle Julian) …but in between I always came back to London.

Well, I like London very much. In fact I spent a lot of time wandering around in London and recently, while staying with Uncle Julian, I discovered London Docklands and Canary Wharf, which is just magnificent for a small rat like me.
But still … after all these months on this island, I kept dreamin’ of travelin’ on.
After all, my mission was … to see the world!

So, yesterday I decided to move on. I kissed Uncle Julian goodbye (thanks for bringin’ me to Africa and your kind hospitality, it has been good to know you), went to St Pancras International and bought myself a ticket for the Eurostar to Lille (France). Lille is close to the Belgium border … so I decided to go to … Belgium.

No, mom & dad … I am not coming home to Vlezenbeek !!! Not yet! There are still more than 10 months to go ... But travellin’ through the different continents I realized that I hardly have seen my own country. Yes, last year I have been shortly in Ghent, but to be honest … most of my life I spent in Vlezenbeek. So I thought it was time to explore my own country for a few weeks … on my own.

So from Lille I took the train to Ypres … and that is where I am now. Here you see me in front of the Court of Justice on the Market Square of Ypres. There are lots of things to see in and around Ypres and history is all around … you’ll here from me soon.


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