Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Indian Ocean ...

After two more days at Keekorok Lodge in the Masai Mara we flew back to Nairobi (again in a little Twin Otter) before transferring to a larger plane for the final leg of our Africa trip … destination Mombasa

I really liked the Twin Otters because you get a spectacular view over the African landscape below and can look down sometimes upon herds of elephants and other animals on the move. Not the most modern means of travel … and a bit “bumpy” sometimes … but great views … and the landings and take-offs are very exciting.

We were lucky enough to be staying at the Voyager Beach Resort in Mombasa … which was absolutely gorgeous … and our rooms (I had to share with Uncle Julian which kinda cramped my style !) faced directly out onto the Indian Ocean. I could have cried, the view was so breathtaking … but I’m not a big ninny so I didn’t.

Not a lot I can say about Mombasa really … as someone forgot to let me out of the bag for two whole days … but I can tell you that the hotel and grounds and views etc. were beautiful. They (the forgetful ones) went into the old town to visit Fort Jesus … which apparently was really nice … and they also went out to dinner with some family friends … which again was apparently really good too. So pleased (not) that I was left out (or rather in) for these two adventures.

Ed and Hatty went Scuba Diving in the Indian Ocean … and Uncle Julian (more of a “bobber” than a “diver”) went snorkeling with them both out near the coral reef. Yet again I was not included in this adventure as (a) I might get wet and (b) there was no mask or snorkel that would fit my face. Pretty feeble excuses if you ask me.

Our time in Mombasa went all too quickly … as indeed it had at Amboseli, Samburu and Masai Mara … and before long we had to fly back to London to resume ‘normal life’ … whatever that might mean for my travelling companions.

Ed has already jetted off again … destination Quebec, Canada … but he didn’t take me … growl growl … or similar Woody Rat noises of disapproval.

Hatty … teenage wild-child with beauty and brains … has returned to her home in Suffolk … yet more snarly noises because she didn’t take me with her either …

So I’m languishing here in Docklands enjoying the views of Canary Wharf … and on the lookout for someone to take me away from all this fine food (joke) and comfort (no joke). Uncle Julian’s flat is very nice but in truth he cannot cook to save his life.

Now that I am fully rested … cleaned-up … and looking bright-eyed and pink-tailed … I am ready for a new adventure. I hope to be on the move again very soon.


Blogger negrito said...

that s really a great trip that brings us warmth here in the cold and rainy europe...

11:30 PM  
Blogger woodyrat said...

you bet, Negrito ... but right now I am back in cold and rainy London waitin' to continue my travels.
All the best to you ... Woody

12:12 AM  
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