Thursday, June 05, 2008

Making English cake ....

Tea is much more than a mere drink in Britain. It is a solace, a mystique, an art, a way of life, almost a religion. It is more deeply traditional than the roast beef of old England.... "
(Cecil P
orter of Gemini News Service)

… but a cup of tea needs a piece of cake. And although cake as such is not eaten only in England, no other language has a word that means exactly the same as the English 'cake’. The continental European gateau and torte often contain higher proportions of butter, eggs and enriching ingredients such as chocolate, and often lean towards pastry rather than cake. Central and East European items such as baba and the Easter kulich are likewise different.

So if you want to learn how to make an English cake, you have to be in England. And that’s exactly where I am … so, this afternoon I made an English cake. There are a lot of different cake receipts, but I kept it simple using Katies cook book …

If you wanna see the result or wanna taste it, come and see tomorrow … we have something to celebrate!


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