Friday, May 05, 2006

Vistin' Jerome, the gnome

Last night I went to visit my good old friend Jerome, the gnome. He always is telling me stories. My absolute favorite is his story of rambling, gambling Willie.

Will O' Conley gambled all his life, had twenty-seven children, yet he never had a wife.
He had a reputation as the gamblin'est man around. Wives would keep their husbands home when Willie came to town.
But Willie had a heart of gold and this I know is true. He supported all his children, and all their mothers too.
He wore no rings or fancy things, like other gamblers wore. He spread his money far and wide, to help the sick and the poor.

It was late one evenin' during a poker game. A man lost all his money, he said Willie was to blame.
He shot poor Willie through the head, which was a tragic fate. When Willie's cards fell on the floor, they were aces backed with eights.
So all you rovin' gamblers, wherever you might be. The moral of this story is very plain to see.
Make your money while you can, before you have to stop. For when you pull that dead man's hand, your gamblin' days are up.


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